26. January 2021

the first aiders of tomorrow

elderbrook is on board

“Helping is awesome” is the motto used by the Johanniter who have been successfully teaching first aid to children in nurseries, kindergardens, schools and even youth groups. The hand puppets, Jona and Joni join in to assist. To enhance the new learning material the Johanniter have, together with the publishers K&L, developed an easy to understand coloring and workbook, which is an essential part of a teaching package for children between the ages of 8 and 11. We think: This is an exceptional idea.

elderbrook is supporting this project because:

The book with lots of pictures to color-in helps teach girls and boys the skills to enable them to use first aid in emergencies and to recognize every day sources of dangers, at home, during leisure time, and in traffic, in good time. On 36 pages, Jona and Joni tell of all their experiences in their world of helping. Using case studies suitable for children, they give tips and advice on first aid and prevention. Simultaneously, educators, teachers and parents can discuss and practice the illustrations with the children.
Due to the support of many local companies, the coloring and workbooks can be sent free of charge to kindergartens and elementary schools in the Ludwigsburg area. This is a social responsibility project that we are very happy to support.
If you are interested to find out more about this project, you can find additional information here: www.kl-verlag.de