re-think it as a business enabler

it is evolving and enables critical business transformation and growth and continues to play a fundamentally different role than in the past. it has enabled businesses to advance products and innovation, and foster customer-led growth. elderbrook solutions helps clients realize the full potential of their it as they embark on major change and growth initiatives.

IT strategy releases more than you thought IT could be!

B2B companies operate in complex business ecosystems. Leaders need to understand how digital trends affect their industry and use this knowledge to form a direction for the future – one that can be incorporated into the company’s long-term strategic vision.

The strongest, most enduring digital strategies help companies focus by balancing the vision of the dreamers and the pragmatism of the doers. Companies need a bold, inspiring vision, but they also need to define where and how they can make progress now. A digital strategy that ignores the facts of today’s challenges would be impractical. Many issues limit the pace and scope of innovation, including regulation, expensive products with long life cycles, aging technical infrastructure and very real concerns about the impact of digital innovation on security.

it project management beyond brimstone butterfly

Projects can be viewed as the smaller goals established to work toward a larger goal. Too often, organizations jump into projects because they think it’s a good idea to have a new system or new piece of infrastructure without considering how it fits within the business strategy as a whole.

Effective project management involves stepping back and asking two questions: Are you doing the right things and are you doing things right? Doing ‘things right’ looks at the quality of the work. It involves knowing the strategic objectives of the project and its intended business benefits, while keeping track of what’s happening, from a quality perspective, throughout the lifespan of the project.

Project management enables better teamwork. Teamwork has become an important part of all aspects of organizational success and the more employees work together, the more improvements the company as a whole will achieve. It also promotes the process of goal setting. This is crucial in terms of increasing productivity and customer satisfaction.

data privacy - the hidden monster

Companies (especially in a GxP environment) need a dynamic planning, testing, and deployment strategy for data privacy – one that is developed and supported by senior executives and business stakeholders, not just the IT department.

While internal IT staff and business leaders have the advantage of understanding the ins and outs of how data is captured, stored, and used within their organization, it’s not unusual for internal staff to become insulated to both external threats and to new ideas on how to ensure higher levels of data privacy.

it process analysis

Links organizational strategy to well-defined business processes – Business process modeling is a critical tool for management and executives to ensure that the business processes are consistent with and enable execution towards achieving the overall strategy of the organization. This is a major task in process analysis.

If the processes and the strategy are not aligned it usually leads to failure in execution because even if the operational tasks are performed correctly, the overall organizational goals are not achieved. Business process analysis helps in identifying bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the processes and hense improving them. Process analysis enables process agility, an ability to change and communicate processes quickly to take advantage of new business opportunities or address business challenges.

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