IT consulting
Our comprehensive approach provides organization- appropriate consulting and project management support with the aim of empowering those whom we serve. We are focused on enhancing the core value chains through strategic alignment of business and IT. This we achieve through:

  • IT-strategy
  • project management
  • business process analysis and process change
  • data privacy support
digital services
elderbrook solutions has service offerings for small and mid size companies requiring support in compliance needs. This includes:

  • IT operations
  • SOP management
  • organsational support
clinical research
elderbrook solutions offers statistical programming services including our in-house programmers and our extensive network of freelance programmers. We enjoy our approach of working very closely with our clients, supporting the writing of SOPs and provide platforms to ensure the highest compliance standards are met. In this regard we provide:

  • data management activities
  • development of clinical data bases
  • support for clinical trial management
  • statistical programming
  • statistical methods development
strategic business consulting
We endeavor to transform with companies their business and strategic changes in order to establish future readiness. Our modern and uptodate understanding on business model and the strategic alignment of strategic areas of the individual comapny, are key enablers for growth and sustainable business success. Our experience focuses on:

  • Alignment of Business and IT
  • Process Analysis and Optimization
  • Business Process Management
  • Industry 4.0