elderbrook solutions GmbH is specialized in it-consulting, supporting clinical research & providing digital services. The company was originally founded in Langenargen, Lake Constance, but has since moved its headquarters to Bietigheim-Bissingen (greater Stuttgart area) in Germany. We are a team of highly motivated and focused consultants, committed to the “linking minds” paradigm. Our current team possesses extensive experience in: GxP process management, GxP process monitoring & project management.

strategy, culture and organizational design

strategy – make bold moves early. In the last five years, elderbrook identified bold moves early and implemented them swiftly achieving higher sustainability. This is our strategic mindset in every area of our business; from internal processes to customer orientated portfolio development.

culture – go beyond employee expectations. elderbrook promotes a culture of trust, open mindedness, respect and professional performance which should go even beyond the expectations of our employees. We enable our ideology by supporting highly individual working models, flexible adaptations of labor times, dynamic balance between working on-site and remote work, and promoting participation in socially responsible projects, coupled with encouraging individual skill development and personal commitment.

organizational design – combine speed with stability. We continue to increase elderbrook’s agility by determining which organizational features are stable and unchanging and by creating dynamic elements to adapt rapidly to new challenges and opportunities (e.g. temporary performance cells, flow-to-work staffing models). With this backdrop, we continue to improve professionalism, remain flexible, and respond with ease and speed to the expectations of our customers.

All this intends to create an atmosphere of “elderbrook – the place to be”. This feeling is one we want for our employees, for our network and for our customers. For our employees we don’t want them to just work “for elderbrook” but rather “be elderbrook”. Partners in our network should not be somehow connected to elderbrook but be more like a linked mind. Our customers should not see elderbrook as a supplier but more like a trusted partner providing a family-style service.