3. August 2023

LEA Award 2023

Congratulations team elderbrook – fantastic track record, 8 years in succession! We are super excited to announce that we have, once again, proven ourselves to be a company with high social values and commitment.

But what does that look like at elderbrook? Well, not only is elderbrook a CRO, supporting the pharmaceutical industry with our experts to help with clinical research to develop and improve medicines for the greater good, we also help support other institutions close to our hearts. We invest our professional expertise for the continued development of a software programme to assist a social institution, that does not have extensive financial resources, so they can work more professionally by making optimum use of the latest IT developments for their needs. This ensures that care-givers have more quality time with their care-receivers and less with “paperwork”.

And what about our employees? We have high core values at elderbrook and we believe in taking care of one another. We offer professional development through training & language courses, super flexible working-time models to support work-life balance, health benefits like yoga etc. We also encourage & support participation in sporting events for charities.

What else do we do? We help fund publications for Kindergardens and schools to help promote a healthy attitude of giving help through first-aid from an early age. We also donate financially to churches and children’s hospices. Our Christmas gifts always incorporate an element of supporting charities in them. This is just a brief summary of what elderbrook does to help others.