elderbrook socially committed 2017
11. Juli 2017
elderbrook socially committed 2019
30. Juli 2019
Solution for assisted living improves spending more time with the residents!

The charities Diakonie, Caritas and the Ministry of Finance and Economy annually award small and medium sized companies in Baden Württemberg which are involved in social projects. In the context of this award elderbrook solutions GmbH received the title „socially committed 2018“ (“SOZIAL ENGAGIERT 2018”) for the third time in a row. The title was granted to elderbrook solutions for the software BeWoPlan, which is acustom build for the management of assisted living. The modular software system provides the possibility to manage data of living arrangements for people with, e.g. disabilities, who reside in a facility that provides help with everyday tasks. The software helps caregivers to spend more time with their persons to care by reducing daily bureaucracy. The continous improvement towards the daily needs is one of the key success factors.