Business Consulting is the answer to the vital question, how business, processes, IT and organization can be aligned, hardened and future-proof shaped.
elderbrook solutions follows the hollistic approach not to treat these elements as silos.

Thomas Golda, CEO elederbook solutions GmbH

Understanding the business
elderbrook solutions sees business knowledges as:
  • understanding of their business and daily aspects of their job.
  • ...knowing what the competition offers and the market in general, and the role of your client’s company in the overall scheme.
  • ...more than just knowing what your client offers but the various applications it has and how it is commonly used and how it can potential serve your customer’s clients.
  • ... understanding client’s company means understand their message, strategy and why their product is of value.
Business & IT aligned
Information Technology (IT) alignment has become one of the primary factor for the development of business strategy and process in industries. It helps the industries to increase its productivity and quality without compromising cost thus having competitive advantage in the market. Information systems and technology has given edge to many industries to make revolution in their business performance. However, adopting to certain information technology involves risks and depends on firm wants and needs.
Recent researches and studies proved that IT and business alignment is an important factor and one of the key concerns in today's scenario to have competitive advantage.
elderbrook solutions helps bringing together what belongs together!
Process Analysis & Optimization
Process improvement is about identifying and addressing inefficiencies that waste resources and add cost. Analysis is carried out to determine which processes and process steps are value-adding or non-value-adding and then to what degree the non-value-adding activities can be reduced or eliminated. Taking a strategic approach helps optimize results. Process improvement activities will have an increased likelihood of success when management commits to adopting formal methodologies, setting clear targets and providing employee training.

elderbrook solutions supports process optimization along the value chains by broad experience, high level of standardization and the needed pracmatism.
Industry 4.0 - innovation at its best
Industry 4.0 not only comprises the digitization of horizontal and vertical value chains but will also revolutionise the product and service portfolio of companies. The potential uses of the Industrial Internet go far beyond the optimisation of production technologies. The topic therefore occupies a leading position on the agenda of directors and managers of industrial companies.

elderbrook solutions supports mid size companies in their way in and through Industry 4.0.